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Kit Car Insurance

At Crosby Insurance Brokers we specialise in providing Motor Insurance solutions to Kit Car or Replica car vehicle owners. We are sure that using our panel of insurers we can find a policy which will help you get the right insurance protection for your Kit Car or Replica car.

We know that you are an enthusiast and love your cars, and that owning a kit car is very special experience for you. Be assured that at Crosby Insurance Brokers our advisors will walk you through the various options available to you so that we can get you cover for your Kit Car Insurance at a competitive premium. Our team of advisors are experienced and knowledgeable about kit car cover and understand the needs of the owners. You will have realised that there are not many insurers who offer this type of protection, and finding the right insurers, who are knowledgeable and will get you a competitive premium can be difficult.

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We can help you make the right choices about this type of policy. We understand that your kit car may be a labour of love, you have spent a long time building the vehicle, or you bought your kit car from a dealer or private sale. You have ticked all the boxes, the kit car has had it’s breaking system checked, emissions checked and all sorts of other checks. You have just had the vehicle passed by VOSA, gone through the SVA procedure, and everything looks great! Your kit car has been approved for road use. Now this is just one final box to tick: getting the vehicle insured so you can legally drive it.

If you don’t want part-only cover but the full Comprehensive insurance cover for your Replica Car Insurance then we do have a network of specialist repair centres throughout the UK who will help you with the repairs to your kit car and they will ensure you are involved and informed of the progress of the repairs throughout the repair process.You may not realise that the cover for your Kit Car is going to be the same as a standard production vehicle so you can buy Comprehensive insurance, Third Party Fire & theft or just take street legal cover which is called Third Party Only. Whatever you decide to have for your Kit Car Insurance we have taken the same care and attention in sourcing insurers who fully understand this type of cover and the special needs of their customers. For the real enthusiast we can also provide cover, with a substantial discount off our normal highly competitive premiums, for taking part cover only. This is where we pay for the replacement parts but you organise the repairer. The repairer can be yourself or a nominated repairer of your choice.

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The Insurance Advisors at Crosby Insurance Brokers will ensure that they provide you with a quotation which will ensure that your vehicle is expertly protected. You will also find that getting a quote for Replica Car Insurance Cover is very quick and easy. You can telephone our office on 0191 565 7590 or complete our online quote form at the top of this page. The Kit Car Insurance quote form is quick and easy to complete and is sent to our Insurance Advisors who are experienced and trained to guide you through the various protection options available to you. So not only will you get expert Replica Car Insurance advise, you will probably save money as well! The process of arranging cover couldn’t be more straight forward. You deserve to get the best cover you can for your kit car but also obtain the leading insurance protection from experts who understand your needs perfectly.

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