Unoccupied Residential Property Insurance

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For most people, their property is their biggest and most valuable asset – whether you have a property that you live in or whether you have property that you rent out, this is an asset that is worth a lot of money. For those who rent out properties, the fact that the property could be empty for short or lengthy periods is something that has to be taken into consideration, as this is the time when the property is most at risk of damage.

Tenant demand for properties both in Sunderland and throughout the U.K. is high at the moment due to the challenges in the mortgage markets. Lack of mortgage availability has pushed up tenant demand for rented properties, which is great news for private landlords. However, this does not mean that there will not be periods during which the property is left empty. Your property may be left untenanted for a period of time between tenants or in the event that the tenant abandons the property or has to be evicted.

With nobody living in the property, the risk of damage is naturally increased. For example, there could be a leak or fire at the property and nobody would be there to notice it until the damage was done. Similarly, the fact that the property is empty could make it more appealing to vandals and thieves who may target it for that very reason, causing damage that could prove very costly.

In order to minimise on financial losses stemming from damage to your property during periods when it is not occupied, it is advisable to find a good unoccupied residential property insurance plan, as this can provide you with valuable peace of mind and financial protection.  With the right unoccupied residential property insurance you can make sure that the cost of sorting out damage that occurs whilst the property is empty is covered so you do not have to worry about facing crippling costs in the event of problems such as fire and water damage, malicious damage, and theft.

Unoccupied residential property insurance

The benefits of vacant residential property insurance with Crosby Insurance Brokers

Most homeowners panic about the risks to their homes even when they are only going on holiday for a week or two, and homeowners in some other parts of the U.K. may be feeling even more worried about leaving their homes without an occupant.  Imagine the panic if your property is not just empty for a week but for weeks or even months at a time! This is a risk that all landlords have to face, as there is no guarantee that your property will be tenanted 100 percent of the time.

If you have vacant residential property insurance in place with Crosby Insurance Brokers you will enjoy benefits such as:

  • Peace of mind for the future in case your property is vacant for any period of time
  • Protection against a range of possible problems that can occur when the property is empty, such as fire damage, storm damage, water damage, malicious damage, and theft
  • Financial protection, so that you are not left out of pocket if something happens to your property while it is empty

Unoccupied residential Property Insurance

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No property owner these days can afford to pay over the odds for their insurance cover, particularly during times when it is void and therefore no rent is being made on it. With the help of Crosby Insurance, you can benefit from very competitively priced vacant residential property insurance, which means that you can enjoy affordable peace of mind and protection for your valuable asset. With years of experience and access to industry links and resources, Crosby is committed to finding the best deal for you as a customer, which means that you can rest assured that you will have the experts working on your behalf and with your best interests at heart.

Moreover, getting a quote through Crosby Insurance is quick and simple – all you have to do is complete the quotation form on this page right now and leave it to Crosby to find you competitive and suitable protection for your vacant property.

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