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Scaffolding Public Liability Insurance

Scaffolding Public Liability Insurance is something that can be seen almost anywhere as you go about your day. From stadiums in construction to shop fronts undergoing renovation. It’s all part of the every day for countless scaffolding contractors.

Behind the scaffolds are people, operating in any and all conditions to keep projects on track. When working on scaffolding it’s vital to ensure the correct safety precautions are taken. Safety considerations on an active work site are often amongst the most susceptible to workers risks. Consequently, you have to ensure you have adequate scaffolder insurance, even if you have taken all the precautions you can. It is prudent to obtain expert help and guidance when buying scaffolding Public liability insurance.

At Crosby Insurance we’re happy to provide advice to help reduce the chances of serious financial damage to your business. Ensuring that following an accident on-site the correct insurance is in place.

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What Can Scaffolders Liability Insurance Provide Cover For?

Scaffolding Public liability insurance policy can be tailored to suit a range of risks. Besides arranging cover for single parties, ranging from the self-employed all the way to large limited companies. Where there are lots of employees and labour only sub-contractors. For example we can even arrange cover that will provide liability cover for labour only sub-contractors working on your behalf.

Often one of the most considered risks for scaffolders is public liability cover. As an example imagine you are working on renovating a shop front when you accidentally drop your toolbox. The consequences would result in an injury to someone on site. In addition to their injuries there is the legal and cost of  settling this type of incident. Furthermore the scale of their injuries, would result in financial liability to you and  your business. In this case such an incident would be significant.

That’s why it’s vital to ensure you are covered for scaffolding public liability  insurance before you even set foot on-site. Accordingly, as the moment you go on site you could be put at risk of a claim.

At the same time, liability can stem beyond factors that you control yourself. If a child was to scale your scaffolding and injure themself then you could be held liable for resulting trauma. This also applies even when you are not on site. 

For example you also have to consider for instance, in the event of materials or tools being stolen from site. Coupled with the inconvenience and then the resulting financial impact, this can be devastating. At best you will need to rebuy your tools and stock to complete the job. Likely eliminating all profit from a job.

At worse the resulting damage from a loss of a considerable amount of materials can ruin your business. Leaving you to recover with no support from insurance. Cover can even be applied to ensure your equipment and materials are covered while on route to a construction site.

At Crosby Insurance we can also help provide the necessary level of protection to buildings, vehicles and property. Damage from dropping objects is a common cause for a claim made by a third party against a scaffolder. As an example during works, you may drop a tool from height, causing damage to someone’s car or property. A similar scenario can result in harm being done to a neighbouring building, so the level of risks to you and your staff every day certainly warrant effective scaffolder liability insurance.

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What Level of Scaffolding Liability Insurance Do I Need?

Many number of businesses nowadays will treat their business-related insurance like their personal insurance. However, taking the approach of shopping around solely based on price rarely works in the same way as it will for your car insurance. It’s important to consider the difference between a cheap price and value for money and good insurance cover.

If your scaffolder liability insurance is a generic, an out the box policy it is unlikely to give you adequate insurance protection. Therefore represents poor value for money. You need to consider the level of cover required, ensuring you, your staff, sub-contractors are adequately insured. Consideration that your surrounding environment is properly protected also.

A further example of a cover that is seldom part of generic scaffolder insurance is bonds. This can assist in the event of an unhappy client or from recent works that require repairs to rectify. With correct bond cover, the shortfall in funds required to make good such changes is often over looked. Bond cover will reduce the financial strain on your business.

When considering the correct level of scaffolder liability cover insurers consider the frequency of claims. The scaffolding trade historically has a higher incidence of claims. Consequently there is also a higher cost to the insurers in settling these claims.

It goes without saying that claim risk is high within your sector. While the excess and maximum policy cover must also be considered. Very often these can be breezed over as numbers that mean little to you.   Knowing how much you have to pay towards a claim is vital. Without considering these factors can be  devastating.

The nature of the industry means injuries can happen, so having scaffolding public liability insurance is essential. Having funds available to help workers recover after accidents and support their family is an important factor you need to consider.

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When Do I Need To Get Scaffolding Liability Insurance?

The sooner you get scaffolders liability insurance the better. With the correct coverage, you can swiftly move on to integrating the costs into your quotes to potential clients. In fact in an industry that is still surprisingly rife with trade ‘cowboys’ a comprehensive scaffolder insurance policy offer reassurance to your prospective customers. As soon as you have insurance it is certainly worth mentioning during the quoting process as it may prove the difference when securing contracts.

It’s worth bearing in mind that getting scaffolding liability insurance that is tailored to your exact needs means it’s more cost-efficient. With the correct policy you will only be paying for what you need, and not the bolt on’s many generic policies come with!

Get in touch with our broker team today, for free advice on your scaffolder liability insurance. We’re experienced in assisting a range of construction and trade professionals, from self-employed to full size contracting businesses.

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5 star rating

based on Independent Customer Feedback

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