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Young Drivers Insurance

Well that time has arrived your son or daughter has been onto you for some time about getting on the road. You need young drivers insurance, you have been thinking for some time how best to start the process. Should they have lessons first, or should I just add them to my policy and they can start building their driving experience that way.

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Car insurance for young drivers

We have some great deals for car insurance for young drivers if you have held a Full UK Licence for at least 12 months. Then we will have a fantastic Car Insurance for young drivers deal for you. Either click on the quote form above or call 0191 7300013 we are open 9-00am till 5-00pm Weekdays and closed on a Saturday & Sunday. Some of the deals we have are not available via comparison sites, but you could save money so you need to contact us now!

New Driver Insurance

We have a couple of options for you. OPTION ONE, Learner Driver Insurance Quote your son or daughter. They needs to know the basics and there are many driving training schools offering teen drivers a chance to learn to drive. Normally with introductory lessons for a knocked down price.

Or you can teach them yourself, but when you check with your insurers that they can accommodate your request. Very often the extra premium can be eye watering.

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Specialist young drivers insurance

Learner Driver Insurance Quote

If your existing insurers will not include your son or daughter to the policy, as a specialist young driver insurance Broker we can do this.


That’s right! Even if you do not insure your own car with us we will insure your Son or Daughter to drive your car in their name. If they have an accident or claim driving your car it is their policy who deals with it and cover for Young Drivers Insurance can be arranged, monthly or quarterly. As a consequence, you only buy the Young Drivers Insurance as and when you need it. So if the Young Driver goes away to college or University you can buy temporary cover only. Just for the times when you need it. Holders of a Provisional Licence, we have a low cost monthly scheme for that. In which we can add you to your Mum or Dads car. If you have an accident whilst driving don’t worry it will not affect your parents insurance policy.

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Motor Insurance

Your cover will be completely separate from their insurance policy. The claim will not have to be declared by your parents on their motor Insurance policy, so doesn’t affect them in any way.

OPTION TWO – Telematic for Young Drivers Full Licence or Provisional Licence.

Whilst you have a need to get on the road, you’ve been checking through the Auto Traders and classified adverts in the press or surfing the net. Now you have decided on the car that you want. You need car insurance quote for young drivers. Knowing how much the car is going to be, what fuel it uses, how many miles. All these considerations may also know how much it will cost each week in fuel. But remember  you also know if you will have to pay any Road Tax. Bearing everything into account, you have completed your research and just need to talk to Mum or Dad to get the ball rolling.

But unless you have researched how much the cost of your vehicle insurance is going to be, you plans could fall apart very quickly.

There is a few things that you need to weigh up, depending on the type of drivers licence you hold.

If you are a young driver who has just passed their test and are looking for car insurance. We do understand that in many cases the cost of Young Drivers Insurance can cost you more than the car you drive. As a result of years of experience with various teenage car insurance, we are able to offer the cheapest and most exclusive car insurance for young drivers anywhere on the internet.

Teenage car insurance

To find out more about our young drivers insurance, fill in the above form and we will use our extensive knowledge to find you the cheapest young drivers car insurance quotes available. We are able to do this by comparing various quotes from specialist young driver Insurance, as well as assessing if any extra options are available to lower your young drivers insurance even more.

Not only do we offer some of the best prices for young drivers car insurance, but we really understand the market. We do NOT restrict young drivers to driving their car at only certain times of the day or only a certain number of miles a year. We offer young drivers the chance to earn their own no claims bonus and enjoy the freedom of owning their own car.

Tips On Reducing The Cost Of Young Drivers Car Insurance

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Request a quote from Crosby Insurance Brokers today


5 star rating

based on Independent Customer Feedback

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