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Block of Flats Insurance

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Block of Flats Insurance

As a landlord or property owner for a block of flats, you are naturally exposed to numerous risks. When owning and managing a building block you will require an insurance policy that goes much further than a traditional building insurance policy. With multiple homes in one building block, you are naturally at a much higher risk. At Crosby Insurance Broker we specialise in providing Block of Flats Insurance throughout the UK.

Our expert brokers are experienced in placing insurance for a block of flats insurance. Accordingly, our advisors are experts and understand the intricacies of this specialised cover compared to other Brokers our  specialist policies offer considerably more for you.   

With access to numerous insurers, we can help identify the solutions that will keep you protected in the event of a claim. Our service is to our clients, and as such we don’t make advice based solely on your premium costs. Instead, we will find the best solution for you and only then identify the best cost option, helping you maintain peace of mind. 

Underinsurance is a common occurrence in buildings cover, if present upon a claim being made on your block of flats it could be financially devastating to cover the shortfall. We recommend you ensure you update your rebuild valuation at least every two years to account for changing costs of material and labour. If you’d like to learn more take a look at our Rebuild Cost Calculator.

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What’s covered in a block of flats insurance policy?

The risks inherited with the ownership of a building block are numerous. As such the correct block of flats insurance is crucial. Our expert brokers can provide advice on the ideal cover that would be most suitable for your business needs.

Our block of flats insurance solutions can be arranged for:

Every customer is different, so if you have other areas in addition to the above that you wish to discuss please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. 

Finding unique insurance solutions for unique blocks of flats

We understand that keeping your business, block of flats and its tenants safe is a top priority, and the insurance solutions we can identify take this into account.

Block of Flats Insurance flats 1
Block of Flats Insurance flats 2

Buildings, in particular, are always unique, and as such we can help provide cover if your block of flats requires a more custom policy. Our expert brokers have previously assisted in securing block of flats insurance where the premises is built around or over commercial properties. This could include shops and offices which may make up some of the building itself.

We’ve got extensive experience in assisting landlords with cover in such eventualities. Our knowledge and skill when securing cover is helped by the wealth of insurers we have access to, in variety of geographical locations.

Even non-standard block of flats that may come with inherent risks can often be covered with a policy. Some of our specialist insurers will be happy to cover you in such instances, for example, if your block of flats has a feature that increases flood risk or subsidence has occurred. No matter how complex or unique your situation we can assist with finding the correct cover at the correct premium.

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Who requires a block of flats insurance policy?

Firstly it should be said while you should consider a block of flats insurance cover essential it is not a legal requirement. Depending on your building’s mortgage insurance may be a condition in your contract so it’s important to be aware of this. Obviously going without a policy is extremely risky, so is not recommended as the financial impact of a claim could be devastating. 

Cover itself is suitable for a range of properties, not just traditional building blocks. These include:

Depending on the inherent risks and the costs in repairing or rebuilding your block of flats the range of insurers available to you as well as premium cost will vary.

Crosby Insurance Block of Flats Insurance
Crosby Insurance - Block of Flats

What areas of my block of flats are protected with a policy?

The amount of protection a policy will provide varies greatly, based on your building, requirements and how much coverage you want. Regardless our broker team are experienced in providing fully comprehensive policies for maximum peace of mind. This kind of block of flats insurance can include cover for:

The nature and limitations to your coverage will of course vary based on your individual needs. To get an idea of what a potential policy could cover please get in touch with one of our team today.

Why choose Crosby for your block of flats insurance?

At Crosby Insurance Brokers our advisors are trained correctly and have at least 10 years commercial business insurance broking experience. 

The team are immensely knowledgeable and experienced in many types of properties. Using this knowledge they will find you a good deal on the ideal block of flats building insurance policy, quickly and easily for all our clients.

We also deal with many insurers and focus on providing our clients with high quality block of flats building insurance, expert guidance, and personalised customer service. We offer clients comparative quotes to ensure they’re always getting the best price.

At Crosby Insurance Insurance Brokers, we have access to exclusive block of flats building insurance premiums, which are not readily available with other Brokers. We make getting block of flats buildings insurance very easy to deal with and hassle-free.

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If you’re ready to stop wondering if your current plan has you covered, don’t hesitate to contact our expert staff. Don’t let an inferior cover for block of flats insurance threaten your buildings or business, stay safe with a customised buildings insurance for blocks of flats.

Crosby Insurance Brokers, we are an independent UK Insurance Broker. We’ll be happy to organise a no-obligation consultation with a member of our expert broker team today, or complete our quote request form online and get your free buildings insurance for block of flats quote!

If you would like a quote for your buildings insurance for block of flats please call a member of our team today on 0800 0149 301.

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Request a quote from Crosby Insurance Brokers today


5 star rating

based on Independent Customer Feedback

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