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Serving alcohol at a special event or owning a business that serves alcohol always involves an element of risk. We are a specialist Pub Insurance Brokers and we can protect your business against loss or damages claimed as the result of a patron of your business becoming intoxicated and injuring themselves or others. If your business manufactures, sells, serves, or facilitates the use or purchase of alcohol, then you need pub insurance.

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Pub quotes

There has always been a great deal of confusion about the need for a pub quotes – even among insurance professionals. Pub Insurance policy cover options are often confusing. Here is some basic information on the subject:

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Pub Insurance Brokers

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Court decisions coupled with new statutes are holding vendors of alcoholic beverages increasingly responsible for damages under alcohol liability laws. Nevertheless, liability insurance for a pub insurance quote continues to be a quiet – if not dwindling – market around the country. In fact, more than half the establishments in the UK choose to operate without a liability insurance cover.

Crosby Insurance Brokers makes the process of getting a pub insurance quote very easy the process as simple as possible. By filling out a simple online form, our expert agents will shop the market for you and get the best possible cover for your pub quotes and competitive premiums. We pride ourselves on taking care of our clients and their interests.

Pub Insurance

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