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Groundworker Insurance

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Groundworker Insurance

The construction industry is recognised as one of the most high-risk industries to work in, with most construction environments recording higher numbers of work-related injuries. With this in mind, it should come as an essential priority to ensure that your business is protected with a comprehensive groundworker insurance policy in the event that an unexpected problem occurs. 

When it comes to groundwork, preparing a site takes on many different jobs, from removing sewage to concreting the site, all of which can pose more room for risk. Without the right cover that will ensure full protection, your business can become financially exposed as well as your reputation.

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Groundworker Insurance Quote

Crosby Insurance - Groundworkers Insurance Public liability

What does groundworker insurance cover?

A groundworker insurance policy is a comprehensive form of cover, which means that the range of protection can differ between insurers. Here at Crosby Insurance, we specialise in groundworker insurance and only work with the most reputable insurers to ensure that you receive the most professional cover. We understand that every customer is different, which is why our specialist brokers work closely with insurers to find tailored policies which can meet our customer’s requirements.

Typically, you will find that a groundworker insurance policy will cover these main features listed below:

Public Liability

When it comes to groundwork, laying foundations and carrying out deep excavations can present major risks to the public. When working in a public environment, to an extent, you are out of control, the only thing you can do is to follow safety protocol to minimise any risks, but even as a vigilant groundworker, it only takes one incident to occur. A groundworker could end up causing damage to underground pipes and cables, or a member of the public could trip over wiring or even fall down a hole. 

These scenarios paint an unpleasant picture of what accidents could occur and the claims associated with this trade can be very costly. A public liability insurance cover will protect your business financially from accidental damages to property or any accidental injury to third parties.

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Employers Liability

Employers liability is a legal requirement if you employ temporary or permanent employees. It will ensure that your employees are protected at work if they occur any work-related injuries. Even if you only have labour-only subcontractors, temps, or apprentices, you are legally obliged to ensure that they are covered because after all, your workers are your most valuable asset.

Contractors all risk cover

Contractors all risk cover will ensure that your tools, machinery and plant are covered in the event of any damages or cases of theft before the completion of a site. Contractors all risk cover will also cover any additional costs for rebuilding work previously completed if the build has become damaged or destroyed. 

Additional cover can also be added which includes transport cover, which provides protection for any damages or cases of theft to your equipment whilst in transit.

Legal Expenses

Legal disputes can be very costly for your business and could end up having a detrimental effect if your money becomes tied up in paying for legal services. With legal expenses cover, you are ensured to become financially protected. For those who may wish to have a more comprehensive legal expenses policy, our expert brokers can arrange for professional indemnity insurance cover to be included. This will protect you from any filed lawsuits against your business for a mistake that has been made, even unintentional.

Do I need groundworker insurance?

As we have mentioned before, groundwork operations present a high level of risk, where workers will encounter hazards daily and the potential for accidents occurring is always a high possibility. It’s essential to protect your groundwork business from any risk, no matter how big or small within your area of work. A comprehensive groundworker policy can offer different areas of cover to ensure that your business is protected as a whole, which can give you peace of mind and could potentially save your business from collapsing. 

If for example, you had a forward tipping dumper or a 360-degree excavator damaged or stolen and you didn’t have a contractor’s all risk cover, then this could have an adverse effect on your business. These are very expensive pieces of machinery that are essential for a groundwork operation, so ensuring you have the right policies in place to protect your business is a must.

How do i get the right insurance policy?

Here at Crosby insurance, our expert brokers have years of experience and in-depth knowledge when it comes to finding the best policies for our clients. We understand that groundwork insurance can be a little daunting but our expert brokers are just a call away to provide you with the guidance and support that you need. The more we know about your groundworks operations, such as location, the depths of groundwork that you will be carrying out, the number of employees, will all allow us to find you the most efficient groundwork policy for your business. Any omissions relating to your groundwork operation could invalidate your insurance policy. 

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5 star rating

based on Independent Customer Feedback

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