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Empty Property Insurance

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Empty Property Insurance

More and more properties are becoming empty, mainly as a result of the recession as economic activity is not as active. You may find that when your tenant moves out you could have a vacant building on your hands for some while. As you may have already discovered there are not many insurers willing to take the risk and cover a property not knowing when the property will be occupied again. This is where Insuring Unoccupied Property Insurance Brokers like ourselves can help you find the right cover for you with an insurer who will not apply a hefty premium, If you are looking for Insurance Empty property which is empty, unoccupied or partially tenanted then we can get your a cost effective option to insure the property with excellent levels of cover. Look no further.

We also look to really help our customers and we can also provide you with a low cost rebuild calculator for a significantly lower charge then arranging a rebuild calculator with a surveyor. If you are under insured on the valuation of your property claims may not get paid.

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Empty Property Insurance Quote

Insuring Empty properties

Your property has been empty for some time and the premium you pay is increasing all the time and the conditions the insurer applies are really tough. I know my property is inspected regularly and the security on my Empty Property Insurance is pretty good. I know I take really good care of my building and I ‘am sure that I should get a better deal. With our Insurance Unoccupied Property Insurance policy we can provide Theft, vandalism and water damage cover is now available. Our insurers will ask that the property is inspected regularly and that you keep a record of your visits, the physical security is good and should be maintained and activated at all times. Any bottles gases are removed from the building, accelerants like, paints and oils should also be removed. If you have a property like this then you need to contact us and we will find a great deal for you.

Our insurers know the difference between property owners who take extra care of their properties and those who do not, so don’t delay please contact us for a very good Vacant Commercial Property Insurance quote.

We can offer insurance for your unoccupied property to include theft, malicious damage, storm and escape of water – perils which are excluded from most policies.

If you own a commercial property which has become unoccupied, you are probably aware of the difficulty you can then face trying to get a realistic quotation to insure it. Many insurers will not even provide insurance cover for an unoccupied building, and therefore specialist products are required to ensure you get the maximum amount of cover at a realistic price.

Empty Property Insurance

Crosby Insurance Brokers have access to specialist empty property insurance providers, vacant, unoccupied & partially occupied commercial properties and other Empty property insurance commercial premises such as empty factory buildings and vacant office insurance, and can find you the cover you need at a competitive rate. When insuring unoccupied property we are the experts in finding great cover and terms for our clients.

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Insuring Empty Property

The Fire Protection Association (FPA) estimates that fires, theft and malicious damage for insuring empty property premises causes losses in excess of £100m each year. It is therefore essential your are insuring empty property properly, and the most important part of this is obtaining a product designed specifically for protecting empty buildings.

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