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Claims helplines

  • Motor Claims Help Line (open 24 hours): 0330 094 8933
  • Property Claims Help Line: 0800 077 6705

N.B. To make an insurance claim over the phone… Please ensure that you are the Policyholder, you have a note of the policy number which is found on the policy schedule and the name of your Insurers which is also on the policy schedule.

We’re sorry if you’ve suffered an accident or have a claim on your insurance policy. That’s why you have insurance, to protect you when something bad happens. We’ll guide you on every step along the way either via our claims centre or directly with the insurer.

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Should you file this insurance claim?

If there’s a slight chance that someone may have suffered as a result of the accident, then you must file the claim. Otherwise, if you choose not to file it, you won’t have the insurance policy to protect you from lawsuit. All insurers who provide motor insurance make it compulsory to report the claims incident to them, under the rules of disclosure you must provide your insurers with details of all claims. We will guide you through the correct procedures so that your cover is not invalidated due to an incident not being reported to your insurers.

If you’d like to learn more about why filing a claim is so important, you may read this special report before you proceed with the claim.

I need to file a claim contact either our office at Newcastle upon Tyne or Sunderland

Report a Claim

As your independent broker, we’ll do our best to make your insurance claim experience a smooth one.

  • To begin, please contact the insurance provider directly to put them on notice of the claim. We will then be notified of your claim by the insurance provider.
  • If you have a claim and would like our assistance, we will be happy to speak with you. In most cases, you will need to speak directly with the insurance provider to report the details but we can help to make sure that your claim is processed correctly. Simply contact our nearest office for assistance.
  • After your claim is processed, we would love to hear about your experience and make sure you were treated well.

If think you’re not being treated fairly, need some help along the way or want to share your positive experience with us, please let us know! We’re always here for you.

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