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Employers Liability Insurance

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Employers Liability Insurance

Keeping your employees safe at work is important to most business owners. But when a worker does suffer an injury, workers employers liability insurance will provide compensation for injuries to your employees which protects there needs, and provides you with peace of mind that they’ll be covered, if you are sued for negligence.

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Employers Liability Insurance Quote

what is employers liability insurance?

Employers liability insurance uk is mandatory for ALL businesses if they have employees, no matter what the job requires. It covers medical costs and a portion of lost wages for employees who become injured whilst at work where you are help negligent for causing the injury.

what is employers liability insurance uk, is like an airbag for your business. When trouble strikes, it deploys to help your employee get back to work as fast as possible, minimising the damage to your business.

If that sounds like a luxury to you, keep in mind, it’s probably a good thing for your business. Imagine having to pay for a slip-and-fall accident or a case of carpal tunnel syndrome straight out of your business checking account.

It’s a good thing for you, and your employees.

Employers liability insurance will also protect you from being sued by employees for workplace conditions, which a court finds your company liable in causing an injury or illness to your employees.

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employers liability insurance quote

What if it’s caused by employee carelessness?

Under normal circumstances, fault does not matter in a employers liability insurance quote claim. And each employee has its own employers liability insurance cover and is compulsory. It applies whether directly employed, loaned employee from someone else, trainee or someone paid cash in hand. All need employers liability cover and you have to get a employers liability insurance quote. Which is a mandated program to compensate employees who are injured in a workplace accident for which they hold the employer negligent.

It’s designed to ensure payment by employers for some part of the cost of injuries, or in some cases, of occupational diseases, received by employees in the course of their work.

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employers liability insurance

Since workers’ comp insurance typically only covers injuries or illnesses when they occur as a result of duties performed on the job or while at work, the scope of the cover of the policy is limited to duties performed by employees.

Injuries that may be covered by employers liability insurance include lifting heavy equipment, slipping on a wet or oily surface, or sustaining injury due to fires or explosions.

Employers liability insurance will also cover:

It does not cover:

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You may think you want the cheapest insurance you can find, but realise you may not be getting everything you bargained for.

While most insurance products are similar in price and function, insurance providers are very different when it comes to structuring a policy that actually covers you.

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all insurance policy when it comes to your business.

We protect people we know and care about, and that means we always look for ways to protect you better, including carefully choosing the insurance companies we represent to be both affordable and responsive.

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5 star rating

based on Independent Customer Feedback

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