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Contractors Insurance

Look no further than Crosby Insurance Brokers for your Contractors Insurance, we are happy to quote for ALL types of Contractors.

No matter what trade you are engaged we can find you insurance for your business. This includes Public & Employers liability, in addition to this we can include your tools and equipment. Our Contractors Insurance can handle your liabilities, your equipment and if needed we can provide your financial cover for Professional negligence.

We are particularly good for Contractors who have difficult to place or expensive premiums like scaffolders, roofers, those contractors who work in hazardous locations. As a specialist UK based Independent Insurance Broker we have access to insurers who understand the Contractors Insurance market and their premiums are competitive and not available online, due to the bespoke nature of the contractors insurance policy.

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Some contractors need a bespoke policy due to many factors including claims history, types of locations worked which are regarded as high risk or hazardous. Contractors Insurance for businesses who’s turnover is more than £250,000 per annum they really need help from us in obtaining a quotation which truely suits their needs.

Some contractors pay large amount to Bona Fide Sub Contractors and if their payments are more than 25% of their turnover the contractors insurance policy will be voidable. On site there is an unwritten rule that if a sub-contractor causes any damage or injuries they will have to deal with it. That’s fine, but what if their cover is on the wrong basis or they haven’t paid the premium and cover has been cancelled. Then the claim will come back on the main contractor. It is therefore imperative, that your contractors insurance policy has contingency cover so that your insurers step in and handle the claim.

As you might expect with contractors insurance insurers do require some conditions attached to this “get out of jail” cover. Firstly, your payments must be less than 25% of your turnover, if it’s more and we know about it we can get a quote for contractors insurance is higher than 25%, just need to let us know. You should also ensure that you take a copy of the Bona fide sub-contractors insurance schedule and Employers liability certificate (if they have employees) and keep a copy on your files. You also need to ensure that the sub-contractor as the same level of indemnity as you. Generally, if you have £5 million for Public liability then the sub-contractor will need £5 million also.

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Building Contractors Insurance

For those working in construction and need building contractors insurance, then same general rules apply to any contractors insurance policy. We need to know what you do as a building contractor looking for insurance, that is all your activities must be disclosed to insurers to get a quote for building contractors insurance. If you are building extensions, or new build properties, all your activities must be disclosed, from joinery, plumbing, heating work etc. The fullest picture is required by insurers to ensure that you get comprehensive building contractors insurance for your business and peace of mind.

Getting the wrong cover, with restricted cover can be mine field to negotiate that’s why you need the help of expert like ourselves who will keep you right as to the level of cover needed to get the right building contractors insurance for you.

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Contractors Insurance

There is not substitute for getting insightful, help and guidance to get the right building contractors insurance policy at the right premium, the right terms and with the right insurers who are experienced in handling building contractors insurance policies.

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