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Tattoo Shop Insurance

You have probably being looking everywhere for Tattoo Shop Insurance and the main thing you have discovered is that most Insurance Companies do not offer Tattoo Shop Insurance. Thankfully you have just arrived at the right place as we have various policies which will suit you, as Crosby Insurance Brokers specialise in providing Tattoo Studio Insurance and Tattoo Liability Insurance.

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Tattoo Insurance

Let us explain some of the things you need to consider when you are shopping for Tattoo Insurance. One of the main considerations is your liability cover. Given the processes that are involved in providing a customer with a Tattoo is the constant danger of causing injury to a customer whilst preforming a Tattoo.

You may be new to Tattooing or may have been doing this for some time. Either way you know there is a constant risk that something may go wrong. Not only would you feel bad for your customer but you may end up being sued for Personal Injury damages and this is when things can really get expensive and having to deal with the claim, talking to Insurers, Loss Adjusters and solicitors is very time consuming. You know what will happen, if a personal injury claim happens you will find that you may not have enough time to run your business because you will spending so much time dealing with the complaint. It pays to get the right Tattoo Insurance

insurance for tattoo shop

At Crosby Insurance Brokers we understand Insurance for Tattoo shop that when a claim occurs you need help & support and have someone to take care of the problem. Our Insurance for Tattoo Shop will do this for by providing expert claims handlers to look after any liability claim on your behalf. So you can concentrate on running your business.

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Additional Protection Available With Your Tattoo Studio Insurance

In addition to Tattoo Insurance uk we will also explain how you can insure the contents of your shop and if you have a claim we will explain how these will be replaced as new by the insurers. The service also ensures that your tools and equipment for your Tattoo Shop or Tattoo Studio is replaced as quickly as possible so that you can get your business on its feet again as quickly as possible.

Consider this, what if there was a fire, or a burglary at your Tattoo Shop or Tattoo Studio or any peril insured by our policy. What if you simply could not trade, you may have to cancel appointments, you may have no income coming into the business for the period of the interruption. But you will still have to pay your rent, wages, PAYE, and other over heads. If I said I would pay this for you, would you be interested. I guess you may say “Yes of course, I would need that cover” well most Tattoo insurance shop owners do say this, but you know what, we provide Financial cover for your Tattoo Shop or Tattoo Studio Free of charge, that’s right it’s included FREE.

The Tattoo Insurance UK cover we have at Crosby Insurance Brokers will not only include your liabilities to your customers, but can also include the contents of your Tattoo Shop or Tattoo Studio and replace these as new if lost, stolen or damaged. But in addition to all this we will protect you from losing any lost business income if you cannot trade due to an insured peril, like a fire, storm, flood, escape of water damage etc.. and we provide this financial cover to you for Free.

Tattoo Liability Insurance

We can also provide Tattoo Liability Insurance cover on its own, if you just want the basic cover.

But what you really need to do, before you do anything else, is contact us NOW and let us look after your Tattoo Parlour Insurance quotation, click the quote form at the top of the page, it’s simple and very quick to complete and we will get back to you and walk you through the various options available so that you get the right protection at the right price for your Tattoo Studio Insurance or Tatto Parlour Insurance or you may just want the basic Tattoo Liability Insurance.

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