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Our business is based upon getting our clients to like us and the referrals they provide to us are the best compliment anyone can pay to us.

Whether it is a business friend, or a family friend or a relative, you know they are going to get looked after, like you did.

Crosby Insurance Brokers

It’s confusing insurance and sometimes you just want to make sure whoever your refer to us is going to be advised and guided through the maze that is Insurance.

You were taking to someone the other day who was starting a new business and they were asking you what you though and maybe soliciting some advise from you about their idea. After talking it over with you they asked about where should they get their Insurance arranged. You really want to help and you have been dealing with Crosby Insurance Brokers for some time, so you ask them to contact us. Which is great and we thank you for recommending us. You know you have had great advise and guidance over the years and you feel that we will look after everyone, which is right, we will.

But what we really want to know is who recommended us, we need to know who is confident to know we will do the right thing for them. The easiest way is for you to contact us and give us details of the recommendation so we can do two things

  1. Thank you for recommending someone to us with a small gift
  2. Enter your details into our monthly, quarterly & annual referral/recommendation draws.

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