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Rebuild Cost Calculator

Do you need to obtain a professional rebuild calculation for your property? Using our unique rebuild cost calculator service which is an online survey system, we can obtain for you a rebuild calculation for your property with the valuation survey fee being £200.00 (inc VAT) and is prepared by a Royal Institute Chartered Surveyor (RICS) at a fraction of the cost of having a surveyor come to your premises.

You don’t have to have your buildings insurance with us to take advantage of our low cost rebuild cost calculator. As the report is provided by a RICS qualified surveyor all Banks, Building Societies and Insurance companies will accept the valuation on the report as professionally prepared and validated.

Rebuild Cost Assessment Form

To use the rebuild cost calculator the one off survey fee is £200 inc VAT for Let commercial buildings including Block of Flats and £125.00 inc VAT for residential buildings.

You can submit your rebuild cost details on our online form and we will contact you to take payment of the survey fee.

Alternatively, you can call us on 0800 0149 301 and we will take the payment over the phone and the survey address details. So that we can arrange the rebuild calculator survey.

The surveyor will use the latest assessment tools that are available on line. This is particularly important in order to arrive at the correct rebuilding value for your property. To begin with, they can do this by accessing google earth and have a look at the location of the building. They will also look at other online resources to establish to ensure that your rebuild cost calculator is as accurate as possible.

The other resources online will be Find Maps, Google Earth street view and aerial view together with Bing maps. Together with Zoopla, Right move the surveyor can build up a picture of the size of your property (it’s foot print) and the total area of the plot. It’s essential that outbuildings are also taken into account when using the rebuild cost calculator.

The survey will also have access to the Local Authority Planning online to help with the rebuild cost calculator process.

Once the surveyor has the information that he needs he can then start assessing the rebuild value by using the RICS their BCIS Data which will provide a rebuilding value for your property based upon the square footage or meterage of the property.

The RICS have a data base of all building types, from detached to terraced and the materials the property will be constructed. Once they bring the BCIS data into the rebuild cost calculator then they can formulate a very accurate rebuilding value for your property. Certainly, not a valuation that could be challenged by an insurers loss adjuster.

Typical properties we will offer rebuilding values for:

Rebuild calculator

The process will ensure that the rebuild calculator is accurate and professionally prepared for £200.00 (inc VAT) so that you can have peace of mind that the whole process has been carried out with skill and diligence to ensure that the rebuild valuation for your property is accurate a humanely possible.

Within the rebuild calculator report it will explain how the surveyor arrived at the rebuild cost. This will include identifying the materials in which the property is constructed. It is likely in most cases this would be brick. Other standard construction materials would be steel, stone or concrete. Any other type of material would need to be considered when using the rebuild calculator.

Other materials can have an influence on the rebuild cost as they may be in short supply or simply not available. This is particularly important if the building is listed and to comply with building regulations. Especially if certain stone for example may have to be sourced from a particular quarry. The quarry may have stopped operating many years ago. For this reason obtaining the correct information regarding the building materials used to construct your property is really important for the rebuild calculator system.

The surveyor will also take into account the materials used in the construction of the roof. In most cases this is straightforward as most properties in the UK use either slate or tile for their roofs. But what if your property has a thatched roof or a metal roof then the rebuild calculator will be able to take this into account when preparing the rebuild calculator report.

House rebuild cost

If you have a residential house then our online house rebuild cost system will ensure that we obtain an accurate house rebuild costs assessment for you, The survey fee is £125.00 inc VAT.

Again the same rules apply regarding materials as they do for commercial properties or block of flats, some are more expensive than others. But don’t worry our fully qualified surveyor will ensure that they identify the materials your home was built. In addition they will ensure that we are accurate in establishing the house rebuild cost for your property.

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