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Scaffolders Liability Insurance

Tel 0800 080 3057 Weekdays 9am – 5pm or Weekend Tel 07494 119 466 Scaffolding is something that can be seen everywhere, from as yet to be constructed stadiums to overhauling shop fronts to give them a fresh new look. Behind the scaffolds are people working on it and in any working environment like this it is vital to get the right cover, so it is worth making sure that you get the right scaffolding liability insurance.

Scaffolding liability insurance

What Can This Insurance Cover?

There are certain basic aspects to work that this can cover, whether it is for yourself, or scaffolders insurance to protect you when working with a company that is working for you. This can be for a range of people, including an individual working on a self-employed basis, a company of up to ten employees or sub-contractors working on your behalf.

Public liability is a big aspect of this. For example, let’s say during work on renovating a store front that you accidentally drop a toolbox, resulting in someone below suffering from an injury. Without having the right kind of cover, the cost to you would be enormous. It’s really important to get yourself some scaffolding contractors insurance before you go on site.

There are also factors that are arguably beyond your control. If a child sneaks onto the scaffolding and injures themselves, then it is important to have cover in the event that they are hurt, even if it is not your fault. In the event of materials being stolen, not having the means to replace them could be very expensive and potentially ruin your business (this can also apply to when your equipment is in transit en route to a construction site).

Cover can also apply to buildings, vehicles, and property. As an example, during renovation work, you may accidentally damage someone’s car as they are driving past the scaffold site. This may also apply to any damage caused when working on a building, or if there is any damage caused to neighbouring buildings while work is going on, so don’t delay get your scaffolding contractor insurance sorted out.

Scaffolders Insurance

People often look online for cheap scaffolding public liability insurance. However, it is important to differentiate between the lowest price and value for money. You need to consider the level of cover you need, ensuring that you, the people you are working with, and anyone who could interact with the building and its surrounding environment is properly protected.

Another example of this is bonds- so that in the event of an issue with the work (something needs repairing or the client is unsatisfied and demands changes) you have reserve funds if necessary.

There is also no getting away from the fact that working on scaffolding carries a degree of risk- so getting the right scaffolding public liability insurance is often over looked. You are often working on heights with tools. This means injuries can happen, so having scaffolding public liability insurance and having funds available to help workers recover after accidents and support their family is an important factor you need to consider.


Scaffolding liability insurance

The sooner you get cover, the sooner you get scaffold public liability insurance the better. It can incorporate those costs when quoting any jobs with potential clients. For a lot of clients, the reassurance that scaffold public liability insurance is in place will often be a factor, so this is something to consider as soon as possible so that this can be put in place before pitching for work.

It should also be stated that this is surprisingly affordable to get yourself a scaffold public liability insurance policy at Crosby Insurance Brokers we work closely with our clients to identify what they need, putting together packages that provide real value for money.


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