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You are a professional, and your clients & customers look to you for advise, guidance and insight. They trust what you say and do, and need your expertise every day. As you know, your expert opinion, guidance, insight and advice are what customers pay you to do.

But what if your advise was in error, either verbally or in writing you simply got something wrong. If your customer lost out following that advise your could be sued, and getting caught up in litigation is very expensive. So you need protection from the consequences of your errors & omissions that can arise from the advise you gave or your staff gave? Essentially, if you provide advise to your clients either verbally or in writing you are at risk of being sued if your client then acts upon that advise and incurs damages, you therefore need a good quality professional indemnity insurance quote from Crosby Insurance Brokers.

Professional Indemnity Insurance cover from Crosby Insurance Brokers is the only way for your get protection to mitigate the costs and legal expenses if your client claims against you, for your act of negligence. If you need Insurance cover for personal act of negligence by any of the Directors of the business you can take Directors & Officers cover.

professional indemnity insurance cover

Our scheme is especially aimed at these professions

  • Accountants – Bookkeepers, Insolvency practice, Management Account, Chartered Accountants & Tax Consultants
  • Architects – Architectural Surveying, Architectural Technician, Landscape Architecture & Architecture
  • Broadcasters – TV & Video producers
  • Construction Professionals – Acoustic Consultant, Clerk of Works, Draughtsman, Garden Design, Interior Design, Kitchen Planners, Project Management, Quantity Surveyors & Town Planning
  • Design and Build professions Including Tradesmen – Air Conditioning Installation, Ashphalt Contractors, Building Contractors, Carpenters & Joiners, Cladding Contractors, Curtain Wall Contractors, Electrical Contractors, Fencing Contractors, Flooring Contractor, Glazing Contractor, Groundworking & Paving Contractor, Heating & Ventilation Contractor, Kitchen Installation Contractor, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Contractor, Plumbing & Heating Contractor, Property Developer, Roofing Contractor & Structural Steelwork Contractor
  • Employment & Recruitment Consultants
  • Media – Advertising Agency, Advertising Consultancy, Desk Top Publishing Services, Graphic Design, Image Consultants, Market research, Marketing Consultants, Media Consultants, Promotional Consultancy, Public relations consultancy, Publicity Consultancy & Publicity Management
  • IT Consultants – Computer Consultancy, Computer Programming, Computer Services, Computer TRaining Schools/Services, Internet Consultancy, IT Consultancy, Software Consultancy, Software Engineering, & Web Site Design
  • Media companies
  • Property Professionals – Art Valuation, Auctioneers, Building Consultancy, Chartered Surveyor, Energy Assessors, Estate Agency, Estate Management, Facilities Management, Home Inspection Pack (HIP) Inspections, Land Surveying, Livestock Auctions, Property Auditors, Property Consultancy, Property Letting, Property Letting Agent, Property Management, Property Valuers, Rating & Valuation, Stocktaking/Valuation & Vehicle Auctioneers
  • Estate agents
  • Construction engineers
  • Solicitors
  • Most professions where you charge your client a fee for your services

professional indemnity insurance definition uk

If you don’t see your profession on this list, don’t worry; we can still do something for you. Our Professional Indemnity Insurance definition uk is explained below for those who need some help understanding this policy.

We only use UK based Insurers like Aviva to ensure you get the widest possible cover and competitive premiums.

To find out how much protection and competitive our premiums are and take advantage of our Professional Liability Insurance quote cover all you need do is click the short quotation form at the top of the page, which is simple and quick to complete and let us handle this for you. Alternatively you can telephone 0191 2130748 and speak to the professional Indemnity insurance cover sales team based at our Newcastle office.

Different professions may describe PI Insurance as Malpractice Insurance or Errors & Omissions Insurance, but the core concept is the same: to protect you, your business and your family in case of negligence lawsuits from your clients.

Negligence focuses on your failure or the failure of your staff to perform and to act with care based on expectations or by having a contract, allegations of misrepresentation, and other claims, can at least cause a stressful time for your and at worst having the stress and financial implications of getting your advise wrong. The financial loss to your client can also threaten their business, or home or family so having Professional Indemnity Insurance quote with the right insurers, who will be there for you and support you and your business has to be right.

Worried about the costs? Professional Indemnity Insurance cover at Crosby Insurance Brokers gives you a lot of protection for a lot less money than you’d expect.

You might believe that you are covered with your Public liability policy but that is certainly not enough. These policies only cover your physical presence on someones property for any physical accidents caused by your pyhsical presence, like falling, tripping etc. You need a Professional Liability Insurance policy because of advise given in error either verbally or in writing, as this is excluded by a Public liability policy.

what is professional indemnity insurance

PI Insurance is available to professional practitioners such as IT Consultants, doctors, lawyers, architects and accountants, but also tradesman, manufacturers etc.. This policy is used to protect a business from indemnity around claims of negligence.

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  3. We can add Office insurance to include Professional Indemnity cover and Directors & Officers cover, click the link here – Office Insurance

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