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At Crosby Insurance Brokers we specialise in providing Insurance protection to IT Consultants. Unlike traditional types of business like a retailer or tradesman your needs can be very different when it come to insuring your business. You my be working from home as an IT Consultant or web designer insurance you may have an office with employees who work for you. Either way we will have an insurance solution that provides the widest possible cover at the most competitive premium.

At Crosby Insurance Brokers we understand the needs of IT Consultant insurance and web designer insurance we can help them make the purchase of their cover straight forward, seamless and easy to transact and understand.

Our Insurance providers understand your needs and can provide the necessary cover without duplication of your It Consultant Insurance cover.

You may already realise that our world is more litigious and claims for errors do have financial implications for your business and therefore yourself and your family.

Web designer insurance

There are a few things to consider, let us explain how our cover works for web designer insurance. Things you need to consider.

  • Public liability – this covers your negligence when you are on someone else premises, like a client or customer. If you fall against something or drop something you can be sued for the damage to property and injuries to others, by your physical presence.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance for IT Consultants Insurance is to cover yours and your employees errors and omissions either given verbally or in writing. IF you charge a fee for your services then the customer expects a duty of care from you and if you fail in that duty you can be sued. Or Directors & Officers Insurance covering the personal negligence of the Directors & Managers of the business.
  • Office Insurance cover for your equipment whether you work from home or from premises. Without your equipment you cannot do your job. We can provide you with cover either at your office or anywhere away from your office. We can also accommodate businesses who Working from Home Business Insurance
  • Financial Protection – What if you cannot trade from your premises due to a flood, escape of water, fire damage etc.. we can get you relocated and also pay your lost income. Your financial security is covered and the cost of cover is not expensive.

It Consultant Insurance

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It’s very easy to get a Free IT Consultants Insurance quotation from us all you need do is complete the short quote form at the top pf the page and we will do the rest. Anyone connected to working in IT including web designer insurance it’s easy and straight forward and we will contact you at a time that suits you. So if you want to find great Insurance protection at great value then click the box at the top. You can also call for your IT Consultant Insurance quote on 0191 2130748 press option 1 and you go straight through to the Sales Team.

We will keep you right and ensure you get one of the best IT Consultants Insurance cover and web designer insurance cover and protection.

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