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Being the owner of a horse can be a wonderful experience. Whether you ride the horse professionally, for pleasure, or whether your horse is retired and has simply become a much loved pet, owning one of these beautiful animals can be a real pleasure.

One thing you do need to consider as a responsible horse owner is that there are a number of risks associated with horse ownership. This includes risks relating to the horse, to you, to equipment such as your horse trailer, and even to others who may be injured or sustain damage to their property as the result of a run in with your horse.

In order to fully appreciate the joys of being a horse owner, you should always make sure you have proper protection in place, as this can benefit you and your horse. Equine horse insurance is designed to provide peace of mind and protection to horse owners by offering a range of valuable benefits specifically designed for horses and equestrian activities.

There are a number of equine insurance plans available, which means that you can find a horse insurance plan that is well suited to your needs and your pocket.

Horse and rider quotes

While many people are trying to cut back on costs these days, trying to manage with inadequate equine horse insurance can end up being a false economy. Horse and rider quotes for your insurance needs provides you with invaluable benefits that could save you a huge amount of money and stress in the future.

Some of the risks that you can face as a horse and rider quotes owner include:

  • High veterinary bills resulting from illness or injury to the horse
  • The theft or loss of your horse
  • The death of the horse
  • Personal accidents
  • Injury to third parties or damage to third party property
  • Theft or damage of equipment such as your horse trailer

horse riding quotes

With all of these risks to consider, the need for a good equine insurance plan becomes clear, which is why you need to shop around for the right horse riding quotes insurance cover. Some of the benefits that you will be able to enjoy with a good equine horse riding quotes insurance plan in place include:

  • Cover for vets bills up to a specified amount
  • Third party liability cover
  • Cover for personal accidents
  • Protection for damage or theft of your trailer
  • Cover in the event that your horse is lost, stolen or dies

Equine quotes

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Most people do not have the time or the inclination to spend hours and hours comparing various equine quotes and plans in order to try and find something that is both suited to their needs and fits in with their budget. This is something you need not worry about when you use Crosby Insurance Brokers, to help with your horse insurance & equine quotes needs. With the help of Crosby Insurance Brokers you can access highly competitive quotes from reputable providers offering comprehensive cover for total peace of mind and protection.

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So, don’t leave things to chance we can also include pony quotes, not just equine quotes – act now and contact our insurance experts using the easy quotation request form online for a fast and competitive equine horse insurance quote to protect you and your horse.

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