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Business Travel Insurance

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Travelling on business leaves little room for error, and when things do go wrong it pays to have the correct business travel insurance. Even if your job requires multiple trips you could benefit from a complete insurance solution which includes all your trips on one policy. Accordingly, that will help give you protection from the worse when you travel.

Regardless of your requirements it’s best to consult with experts when finding the best cover. At Crosby Insurance Brokers we take a personal approach to helping our clients identify the ideal business travel solution. In addition our advise and guidance is free when it comes to business travel insurance. Learn more today by getting in touch with our team of brokers.


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How Does Business Travel Insurance Compare To Traditional Travel Insurance?

You will notice the criteria covered in a business travel insurance policy are similar in many ways to a traditional personal travel insurance. Business travel cover tends to give a more complete form of cover, with additional provisions provided for common issues that a professional trip may uncover.

Many business travel policies are designed with business use in mind. That means when compared to a traditional policy a provider may not give the correct level of coverage to protect your personal belongings. This isn’t the case for all insurers but if protection such as this is important be sure to let us know when discussing cover.

If you’re going on a working holiday then it’s important to state this when discussing your cover with us. Depending on a variety of factors it may be that your options for a business travel policy are more restricted.

What Does Business Travel Insurance Usually Cover For?

Each policy is different, so your level of coverage will vary, that being said many policies will offer cover which includes:

Every insurer will offer a different set of criteria that you will be covered for. As such each provider is not the same, and that’s why buying purely on premium cost is extremely risky. While using a comparison site may be a quicker option it’s down to you to pick the best cover, those kinds of sites purely sell to you based on cost and not how well the cover works for your needs. 

If you would like to get an expert’s view on what coverage should look like to minimize your risks when travelling for business then get in touch with us today.

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What Does Business Travel Insurance Usually Cover For?

For less frequent travelers naturally single trip business travel insurance is more suited to your needs. Typically when you travel 3 or more times a year it may be more beneficial for you to take out an annual policy instead. If you’re travelling in a group then cover can also be arranged to accommodate both single and annual trips.

Given your typical travel frequency, as well as details such as destination, we can assist in making the best cost option for your needs. Get in touch with us today if you’re unsure on whether to opt for a single or annual business travel policy.

Do I Need Business Travel Insurance?

Firstly it’s worth noting that it’s not legally required if you intend to travel for business reasons, however travelling abroad without the correct cover is not a good idea at all. The correct cover can not only cover the cost of cancelled trips, but also enable you to travel again to complete your business when you or a colleague are able.

Some companies wrongly believe that this form of cover is included automatically as part of their current business insurance. Unless specifically mentioned when obtaining multiple policies it’s extremely unlikely this is the case. If your staff are getting ready to travel then it’s essential to check your coverage in good time in case cover needs to be acquired.

If you’re self employed then the stakes are even higher if a business trip experiences issues. Having cancelled flights or losing your money can be extremely stressful, and made all the worse when you know you aren’t covered correctly.

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At Crosby Insurance Brokers our advisors are trained correctly and have at least 10 years commercial business Insurance Broking experience. They are very knowledgeable and experienced in many types of properties and they will find you a good deal on the best block of flats building insurance policy quick and easy for our clients.

Crosby Insurance brokers deal with many insurers and focus on providing our clients with high quality block of flats building insurance, expert guidance, and personalised customer service. We offer clients comparative quotes to ensure they’re always getting the best price. At Crosby Insurance Insurance Brokers, we have access to exclusive block of flats building insurance premiums, which are not readily available with other Brokers. We make getting block of flats buildings insurance very easy to deal with and hassle-free.

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