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Warehouse Insurance

Operating in a warehouse is a necessity for many businesses. Despite being a common area for workers the inherent risks involved with warehouse work are ever present, thanks to it’s fast pace and often a large number of employees on-site at any one time. 

Keeping your business protected from this wide range of risks isn’t easy to achieve on your own. That’s why at Crosby Insurance we are proud to assist you in securing the ideal Warehouse Insurance policy, and work with you to create a solution that is bespoke to your requirements. From employer’s liability to insurance for your held stock, cover is available for a range of scenarios. 

Our brokers are experienced in working with a range of insurers, and means that we hold no bias when recommending coverage. The advice we offer goes considerably further than just finding the lowest premium cost. Instead we look to configure multiple types of cover under your Warehouse Insurance policy, balancing the correct level of cover for your needs. 

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What’s included in a Warehouse Insurance policy?


It’s a common misconception that a Warehouse Insurance policy is limited in terms of the types of cover that can be included. When configuring protection our brokers can integrate a great number of policy types, many of which we would advise as essential in order to keep your risks to a minimum. 

In the majority of cases when we advise businesses on Warehouse Insurance we would consider the following as vital to have in place:

Employer’s Liability

Mandatory for all employers in the UK, this type of protection provides protection in the event of a member of your staff injuring themselves on-site. Coverage extends to full and part time employees as well as current contractors working for you. 

Integrating your employer’s liability policy into your Warehouse Insurance helps keep this vital cover in one place, meaning you can ensure you are fulfilling your legal obligations within your unified policy.

Public Liability

If a member of the public is visiting on-site and is injured then Public Liability can help cover from claims as a result of this. Claims from injured visitors can be pursued even if the accident was not as a result of negligence on your part, for example a simple slip and fall. 

Stock Cover

Intrinsic to your warehouse business is the stock you hold on-site. Depending on your sector your products can be fragile or perishable, so an accident could cost your company dearly. The devastation of more extreme scenarios such as fire damage can also be reduced with stock cover when integrated into your Warehouse Insurance.  

Some providers even extend the level of stock cover to give you a form of Goods In Transit cover, for protection when your stock is being transported to a buyer.

Business Contents

Beyond the stock you hold on-site is also the equipment you need to function efficiently. Vital machinery such as inventory and picking equipment can be costly to replace, and coverage for your business contents extends to the everyday as well as IT equipment.

Business Interruption

In the event your business is unable to operate then this type of cover can be the difference between financial disaster and keeping afloat. 

For example if your warehouse has to close due to water damage then the cost to repair the damage should already be covered. What Business Interruption Insurance helps cover is the costs your company cannot put on hold, such as help paying staff wages or paying recurring invoices that are due.  

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Why Choose Crosby for your Warehouse Insurance?

At Crosby Insurance Brokers our advisors are trained correctly and have at least 10 years of commercial business insurance broking experience. 

The team are immensely knowledgeable and experienced in many types of businesses that operate through warehouses. Using this knowledge they will find you a good deal on the ideal Warehouse Insurance policy, quickly and easily for all our clients.

We also deal with many insurers and focus on expert guidance and personalised customer service. We offer clients comparative quotes to ensure they’re always getting the best price and most importantly the correct cover.

At Crosby Insurance Insurance Brokers, we have access to exclusive Warehouse Insurance premiums, which are not readily available with other Brokers. We make getting coverage  very easy to deal with and hassle-free.

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If you’re ready to stop wondering if your current plan has you covered, don’t hesitate to contact our expert staff. Don’t let an inferior cover for your business threaten you, stay safe with a customised Warehouse Insurance policy.

Crosby Insurance Brokers, we are an independent UK Insurance Broker. We’ll be happy to organise a no-obligation consultation with a member of our expert broker team today, or complete our quote request form online and get your free Warehouse Insurance quote!

If you would like a quote for your Warehouse Insurance please call a member of our team today on 0191 5657590 or 0191 5657590

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