Tenants Contents Insurance

We provide comprehensive contents insurance for tenants living within rented accommodation.
Our affordable tenants contents insurance is specially tailored to meet the requirements of tenants to cover against loss or damage to personal possessions as well as legal liability protection if you are found accountable for injury to other people. Tenants contents Cover is widely available for working professional, student and DSS tenancies and can include accidental damage on request.

Cheap Tenants Contents Insurance

Designed specifically for tenants living within rented property, cover is comprehensive and underwritten by leading UK insurers. With rented properties becoming evermore widespread across the UK, the need for tenants contents insurance is becoming more and more essential. In the event of a claim or incident, this policy provides you with a minimum of £25,000 worth of contents cover. It is a common misconception that it is the landlord’s responsibility to insure part or all of the contents within a rented property. However if the contents belong to the tenant, it is their sole responsibility to insure their own contents along with any third party liability resulting from ownership of these contents.

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