Do You Know What GAP Insurance Cover Is?

If your vehicle is written off due to an accident, fire, theft etc your insurers will make you an offer on what they think the vehicle is worth. If you bought the vehicle on HP, and your insurers offer was less than the balance still owed to the HP company then YOU would pay the difference. This is known as the GAP – the difference between your insurers value and the balance still owed to the HP company.

Or with our GOLD cover we will pay the difference between your insurers valuation and the original purchase price you paid for the vehicle.

We pay the GAP – the difference – for you!

There are two levels of GAP insurance cover – Basic which pays the HP off for you and Gold cover which pays the difference between your insurers valuation of the vehicle and the original purchase price.

Gold cover is great because:

  • There is no deduction for wear & tear on the vehicle
  • You don’t need to find a deposit for your replacement vehicle
  • It gets you back on the road with the car you want, not an inferior vehicle
  • Older cars tend to be written off by insurers than newer vehicles, so we pay the difference between what your insurers say it’s worth and what you paid for it

Losing on depreciation of your vehicle when it is written off is now a thing of the past with GOLD Gap Insurance cover.

Not long ago, a relative of mine bought a car. She had saved months for the deposit and got the balance on HP. It was just what she wanted, got her to work and gave her freedom to go where she wanted and when she wanted.

About 9 month later she was involved in an accident. It was not her fault but her car was written off by her insurers. The problem was that she still owed £3500 to the HP company and this had to be paid immediately. On top of that, she had to start saving for a deposit again because she needed to get a car quickly. So, she ended up having to buy a much lower valued vehicle than the one she had before and it kept breaking down which added to her woes.

Had she taken GOLD GAP insurance cover we would have paid the difference between the write off value set by her insurers and the original purchase price, so that would have paid the HP off AND given her a new deposit to go and buy a more comparable replacement car.

She learnt the hard way and I don’t want that happening to you. In fact I guarantee it will not happen to you if you take the 3 year GAP insurance cover. The one off premium starts from as little as £110.00 for 3 years GAP insurance cover.

…and that’s it! You’ll be taken care of for the next 3 years.

Let’s get you covered with GAP INSURANCE

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