Excess Protection Insurance

An Excess Protection Insurance policy is a new product we offer existing and new customers.

Its quick and easy to obtain an Excess Cover Insurance policy. Because everyone’s needs are different, you can choose from 3 different levels of cover.

You don’t have to be insured with us to benefit from an Excess Protector policy!

How does Excess Cover Insurance work?

An excess protection policy provides you with cover for your excess. For example, if you had a claim you would pay the total excess that applies to your policy. If you take out this excess protector you will be refunded the full amount of your excess within 7 days of the payment. It’s that simple.

When buying your Auto Insurance you may opt to have an Excess if you have a claim and for this the insurers will provide you with a discount off their normal premium. If you took a bigger excess and thereby got a bigger discount you could pay to have this Excess Protector cover and still save money on your motor premium.

Crosby Insurance Brokers recently had a client who took a £1100 excess on his policy but got a £435.00 discount off his premium. He then bought a £1000 Excess Protection Insurance policy for the year and paid an extra £75.00 for this, and saved an overall total of £360 off his Automobile Insurance. Not only did he save £360 he reduced his excess to just £100 knowing that the Excess Protector policy would pay the £1000. So you can see that was a smart move by this customer, and we want you to be a smart consumer as well. So when you get your Vehicle Insurance, no matter what type of vehicle and you want to take a big excess and get the biggest discount off your insurance, then using the table above you can easily work out how much overall you can save.

More and more of our customers are asking for Excess Cover Insurance policies. it is becoming increasingly popular to have someone else pay your excess and at the same time get a big discount off your insurance policy.

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