4×4 Modified Vehicle Insurance

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You have spent a lot of time tracking down the 4×4 that you always wanted, or alternatively you modified your own 4×4 yourself adding some cosmetic changes to the vehicle or increased the power from the engine. We are willing to accept many alternations to your vehicle as standard on our policies, like suspension heightened, or lowered, roll cage, differential lockers or got the engine uprated producing more power. Our new 4×4 Modified Vehicle Insurance will help you get on the road and off the road at very competitive premiums. We have teamed up with several insurer who will provide you with great cover at the price that will make you very happy.

Arranging a quotation is very easy and straightforward! All you need to do is complete our quote form at the top of the page and we will get right on with providing a quotation for you.

Modified 4×4 Insurance Cover Options

Our different levels of 4×4 Modified Vehicle cover are:

  • Comprehensive cover – this will ensure that if your vehicle is damaged by whatever cause your insurers will pay for the repairs, minus your excess, or if the vehicle cannot be repaired the value it was at the time of the claim/
  • Third Party Fire & Theft – cover is provided to your own vehicle damage only as a result of a Fire or Theft claim. The policy also includes cover as a road user for damage and injuries you may cause to passengers, pedestrians, property and other road users.
  • Third Party Only – Your vehicle is never insured for it’s own damage on your policy, but the policy does provide cover for your liabilities as a result of a road accidents in which passengers, pedestrians, property and other road users.

Getting A Competitive 4×4 Modified Vehicle Insurance Particulary If Modified

If your vehicle has been changed from it’s standard specifications then this is classed as a modification even if it is of a minor change. If you replace the wheels for different sizes, or install blacked out windows, any change to the vehicle is a modification and as you may already know most insurers will not offer an insurance quotation to you.

This is how we can help you get great protection and a premium that doesn’t hurt.

Our Advisors will walk you through each step of the process and your will find out how easy and quick it is to arrange Modified 4×4 Insurance for your vehicle.

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At Crosby Insurance Brokers, we know and understand the needs of this type of insurance we have been offering this cover since 1991. We know how to protect you with the right cover.

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