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You may have had a 4×4 vehicle for some time or you may have just changed to a 4×4 from having had a private car. Either way you have this type of vehicle for a reason and what ever the use you need to have specialist 4×4 Insurance for your car. Despite the best efforts of the government with increased road tax for your 4×4 car you feel that this is the type of vehicle for you. You will soon discover that the premiums charged for this type of vehicle and obtaining competitive LV Insurance is proving a little difficult because the different insurance companies premiums are from one extreme to another. Some are competitive enough but many are expensive, your current insurers may have charged a substantial extra premium when you changed from the car that you had before to your new 4×4 Insurance was a bit on the chunky side.

Let me explain what most insurers think about 4×4 vehicles.

  • Most insurers in recent years have had claims histories for this type of vehicle which have caused insurers to incur significant losses on their accounts for these vehicles
  • Insurers statics show that these vehicles have a history of being stolen to order and shipped out of the country.
  • Motor accidents particularly if a pedestrian is involved have incurred higher level of personal injury pay out as the size and weight of a 4×4 vehicle can often cause more damage than a standard saloon vehicle
  • There was a tendency in the past to modify the vehicle and for some time the fashion item of choice was bull bars. Made of steel and heavy these also caused higher incidents of damage to property and injury to other road uses.
  • All in all a lot of insurers have a history with these vehicles and because of the insurers history of providing LV Insurance very often the insurers claims history for this type of vehicle is historically poor.
  • As a consequence the insurers will apply substantially higher premiums to reflect the higher risk or simply not provide any cover for this type of vehicle.

As you can see insurers in the main do not like providing Off-Road Insurance because the claims history for this type of vehicle is not appealing.

With our connection with 4×4 Insurance we think this is no longer the case. We believe that this vehicle is not owned by people who represent a lower risk to insurers, as Government legislation and other expenses associated with this type of vehicle, means that the profile of the typical buyer of this type of vehicle has changed and the risk previously associated with owning a 4×4 vehicle has changed.

Getting Competitive LV Insurance Is Now Available

Crosby Insurance Brokers has been working with Off-Road Insurance for some time and we know the time is right to start making this 4×4 Insurance scheme available to our clients.

As we have mentioned previously the owners of 4×4 vehicles have changed to those people who really need a 4×4 vehicle for their, work, or particular circumstances, so now is a great time to find out what we can do for you, for those customers who need great protection and value for their Off-Road Insurance. As you know finding the right insurers who understand your needs and that of your LV Insurance then we have brought this all together in one policy.

How Crosby Insurance Brokers can help with your LV Insurance

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