Specialist car insurance

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When you purchase any vehicle you are legally required to get it insured. However sometimes you may need to get specific cover to suit your needs. This is when you need specialist car insurance and it helps to know when you need it and the best way to ensure you find a specialist car insurance broker that understands your requirements and finds a policy that is best suited to you.


Specialist car insurance often refers to unusual vehicles, ones that often require special care and attention. Often this kind of cover is associated with classic cars and motorcycles. Equally this can refer to steam engines, vintage lorries and even military vehicles.


Different types


Specialist vehicle insurance can also refer to the specific requirements of that cover. Here are a few examples-


  • Classic Vehicles - If you are someone who only uses a vehicle for short trips then you are unlikely to want to pay the full amount for a standard policy designed for people who use their vehicles on a regular basis.

  • “Cherished” Agreed Value Vehicle Cover- This is for people who own rare or vintage vehicles. As with limited mileage cover this policy is ideal for people who do not tend to drive their vehicles on the road and mainly take them to events.

  • Second Car Insurance- You may have your own road vehicle and may wish to have separate cover for another one.

  • Specialist Import- Imports need specialist cover because it can be harder to source parts. American or Japanese vehicles and the like.

  • Kit vehicle cover- If you have modified a vehicle in order to enhance its performance then you need specific cover. This is also true if you have put together a vehicle from a kit as opposed to one that has already been assembled.

  • Replica cars – For vehicles that look like a Porsche, Ferrari, etc.

  • Competition cars – used on track days

  • Military vehicles – Ex military vehicle, historical vehicles from Jeeps to Tanks

  • Modified cars or vans – whether being cosmetically changed or the vehicle has undergone an increase in power out-put

  • 4x4 vehicles – standard or modified or used for off road purposes

  • Classic Trucks – any form of Classic Commercial vehicles from small pickup and vans to HGV/Coaches etc.





    Seeing a Specialist


    The reason a specialist insurer is worth contacting is because they will understand the needs of someone with a specialist vehicle. For example if you have purchased and modified an Eastern bloc military vehicle a standard insurer may not necessarily understand the steps needed to make that vehicle roadworthy and this will often be reflected in the quote.


    A specialist insurer is more likely to know and more accurately reflect the costs involved in sourcing parts, getting the right repairs and so forth and this will help to get you a more accurate quote that is appropriate for your needs.


    Saving money


    There is the fear that getting a specialist cover will be more expensive. This does not necessarily have to be the case. For example if you are part of a classic car driving association or club then you ought to be able to get a discount. The reason for this is that generally people who take their vehicles to events with other passionate drivers are more likely to take care of their vehicles and therefore are much less likely to take risks and damage them.


    Another option is fitting a black box to your vehicle. People often associate the phrase “black box” with air travel and sadly often more with crashes as opposed to its main function as a recording device detailing information on flights. What you may not know is that it is also possible to get a similar black box recorder to record information about you while you are driving a road vehicle.


    Some people may wonder why you would want to do this. The simple reason is that insurance cover is calculated according to risk. Often these estimates are based on broad factors such as age, accident records in the local area and so on.


    This is calculated according to the information the device records. Therefore if you have a modified vehicle and you only drive it to events and keep it stored for the rest of the time then your premiums will be lower because the policy is calculated on actual mileage as opposed to theory.


    Finally security is another factor in reducing premiums. Security measures that can help reduce costs include-


  • Fitting an alarm on the vehicle
  • Putting a lock on the steering wheel
  • Keeping your vehicle safely stored in a secure garage
  • Living in a Neighbourhood Watch area


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In short there are a number of specialist vehicle insurance policies out there. Knowing what is most appropriate for your needs can be difficult. What we can do is go over the options and make sure you get the cover you need at the best possible price. We are committed to get the best deal for our clients, both new and existing customers.


If you want to know more and want to get the best possible deal contact us today and find out how we can get you the best deal on your specialist car insurance!