Motorhome Insurance

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As you know, a Motorhome is a unique vehicle; it gives you the freedom to go where you want when you want. With a Motor Home, you can visit friends and family, go on holidays or just go and visit somewhere. The unique experience that Motorhomes provide you, means that you need a unique Motorhome Insurance solution that gives you peace of mind knowing that you are with an Insurance Broker who understands what you need from your insurance protection. We also provide Insurance for Campervan Insurance at very competitive premiums.

No matter what size of vehicle or may have some very special features, we can help you get the best cover for your Motorhome. We deal with only the very best insurers to ensure that we provide you with the very best cover for, your new Motorhome. Without a really good solid Sunderland Motor Home Insurance policy, you are leaving your investment at risk. I am sure you don't want to spoil the excitement of owning a Motorhome and buy the wrong cover. Even if you have a current motor policy that offers some cover, this policy in all likelihood will be inadequate for your needs. But don't despair! Contact Crosby Insurance Brokers, and we will check with several Motorhome Insurance companies and ensure you get the right cover and an affordable premium.

Motor Home Insurance is like two policies in one: it protects your vehicle like Car Insurance and it also protects your living area like Home Insurance.

Collision and road emergencies are definite risks to insure against. But when you are camping or parked, your Motorhome becomes your home and needs to be protected against theft, liability and other disasters. You owe it to yourself to make sure that you have the insurance options available and I am happy to tell you that you have come to the right place and we will ensure that the policy you buy from us is right for you and your Motorhome.

Motorhome Insurance, Can I Afford This Cover?

Definitely. Sunderland Motor Home Insurance policies are arranged so that we can offer just the right amount of cover for the road and for the contents of the vehicle and if necessary your possessions.

Normal Motorhome Insurance policies do not provide the right cover for Motorhomes you need a specialist policy that takes into account this unique features that this vehicle has. Our policy will arrange for the recovery of the your Motorhome following an accident (Comprehensive cover only) This is where Motorhome Insurance extends the cover you receive around the clock. If misfortune comes your way we will get you and your vehicle into our repairers as quickly as possible and the vehicle back to you as quickly as we can.

Can I Use My Motor No Claims Bonus On My Motor Home Insurance Policy?

Yes you can use your Motor No Claims Bonus on the policy for your Motorhome Insurance, but we also provide cover where we do not take No Claims Bonus into account, the premiums are really competitive but this means if there is a claim you do not have any No Claims Bonus to lose. It also means if you are keeping your private car, or van then we don't need to use it on your Motor Home Insurance policy so that you continue to receive your No Claims Bonus on your Recreational Vehicle Insurance policy.

I think you will find there is a lot we can offer you with competitive premiums and great cover.

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