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Home Fleet Insurance cover

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is an all-in-one policy aimed at individuals and their families who own a fleet of vehicles just two or more vehicles in the Household. So instead of insuring them separately which is time consuming and tedious and ultimately can be uneconomical. We have created one policy which can accomodate all your vehicles with one premium and one renewal date.

Each vehicle is named and each individual is also named on the policy and each driver earns their own no claims bonus. More and more smart consumers find this is one of the best ways of insuring several vehicles all in one go.

Home Fleet Insurance

Our love of cars doesn’t mean that we love paying more for our motor insurance, or enjoy the hassles of managing multiple policies.

At Crosby Insurance Brokers we can offer a hassle free option for anyone that owns two or more vehicles. Home Fleet policies cover all vehicles from work vans and classic cars through to 4x4’s, motor homes and super sports, we can even include Motor Cycles and occassionally Quad bikes. What’s even better is that the more vehicles covered in relation to the number of drivers, means that a greater premium can be saved.

All that you need do is complete our simple on line quote form, and we will do all the rest. Our Home Fleet Insurance policy is a perfect way to control your insurance, particulalry for busy people.

We also provide a Free app so that your Certificate of Motor Insurance can be sent to your Iphone or Andriod so there is no need to have a paper copy of your documents, as everything is held on your phone in the palm of your hand readilly available for inspection should the need arise.

To take advantage of this great cover and find out how easy it is to get a quotation you will need to conatct us either on line through this page or give us a telephone call and speak to one of our Insurance Advisors who will guide you through the options available to you. If you would like an quick quote for your Home Fleet Insurance, please complete the quick quote form at the top of this page, or call a member of our team on 0191 213 0748.