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Whether its for only 2 vehicles or 50 or more, we will provide you with the quotes from leading Commercial Vehicle Insurance providers including exclusive rates not available to most Insurance Brokers from underwriters that are not accessible from any other insurance broker.

  • GAP cover available
  • Excess protector available
  • Repatriation cover from Europe for vehicle & driver
  • Camera in the cab
  • Discounted Self Drive Hire rates for HGV, Vans & Cars UK coverage
  • Free Motor Legal Protection cover
  • Public liability with Employers liability extension
  • Goods in transit
  • All this extra cover available from our One Shop solution

Cheap Fleet Insurance

Whether you own a fleet of Haulage vehicles, taxis, vans, trucks, limousines or just about anything else, Fleet Insurance which includes Business Fleet Insurance, van fleets or a mixture or Vans, Cars, Motorcycles, HGV, trucks Crosby Insurance Brokers can provide the cover you need. It’s specifically designed for businesses with 2 or more vehicles and makes the whole process of insuring each vehicle quick, easy and hassle-free, and can even save you some money as well.

Don't Have A Fleet Insurance Policy?

No problem! We can easily bring everything together on a rolling bases, adding vehicles as you go. You can start off with just two vehicle and add more vehicles as you go.

For those client who have 2 or more vehicle but have never been fleet rated, we can start with 2 vehicles and add the other vehicles as they become due. You get discounted premiums as all vehicles are on one Fleet Insurance policy or a Mini Fleet Insurance policy. Then you can add vehicles to the Fleet Insurance policy as they become due. You are charged only when you add a vehicle to the Fleet policy and the charges is calculated the date it is added up to the renewal date of the policy.

You can also add a mix of vehicle types to the policy, cars, vans, motor cycles, classic cars, you know how difficult it is keeping track of all your vehicles, when their insurance is due, the Road Tax, servicing and pulling it all together is very time consuming. We all have busy lives and really anything which can help tidy thing up so you can manage all the paperwork and the diary has to be good for you.

For our Fleet customers you will also get our Free App for your iPhone or Android and we will load up, free of charge all your vehicle Insurance Documentation so that all the information will be in the palm of your hand. The App will also remind you when your Road Tax is due, when your servicing is due and also keep a track on how much you are spending on your fuel and how much it is costing you to keep on the road.

So, if you’re running a business that uses 2 or more vehicles, consider the possibility of Fleet Insurance to make the whole thing much simpler. All it takes is a bit of research and you’ll easily be able to insure every vehicle that you own, so take a look around and you could well be surprised at the level of cover and prices that you can find. Or even better, complete the on line form on this page or just simply ring and ask for a Fleet Insurance Advisor and let the experts at Crosby Insurance do the looking for you!

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