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Freeholders insurance is available  with very competitive premiums and wide cover. Whether you are a limited company, shared freeholder, or single freeholder please contact us now!

Many insurers are not prepared to provide property insurance for blocks of flats (or buildings split in to Flats). At Crosby Insurance Brokers, we are able to provide quotations for Buildings that have been divided up in to Flats and we will cover both owner occupied blocks or blocks that involve an element of letting.

Our experience of insuring Flats is that in any one block, you are likely to have a mixture of owner occupied and tenanted, we quote for both. We are quite prepared to accept enquirers for all types of split property, Purpose Built or Conversions. We will even consider converted factory premises etc. Many people approach us for an Individual Flat Quotation, without realizing that their property is already covered. We do not want to waste your time and money, so if you are considering asking us for a quote for an individual flat in a block, you should first check that you cover has not already been arranged for you by a freeholders block policy. If you are just purchasing a Flat, your solicitor or legal adviser should be able you with this. If you are a Right To Manage, Housing or Residents Association then you will also need Directors & Officers Insurance.

Cheap Block of Flats Insurance

Blocks of Flats Insurance, for a converted houses started to become popular in the 1970's, the buildings themselves in the main had fallen in to disrepair, and the amount of money required for their up keep simply was not available. If you manage to find an old photograph book of London from the 50s you will be amazed at the poor condition of the houses in many areas which are now considered to be in areas the height of fashion.

The demand for these large houses no longer existed but there was a need for smaller style properties as many people moved to the cities in the search of work. These large houses were ripe for conversion particularly and often developers could pick them up for next to nothing. Today many grand old Victorian and Edwardian houses have been converted in to flats, thus aiding the regeneration of city areas. Some large houses are now looking as good if not better than the day when they were originally constructed.

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Two reasons to act now!

  1. It is important for your protection to have your block of flats insurance in place before any claims are made--not just for you but also for anyone else on the property.
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