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Don’t know where to turn for advice and make sure I get the right cover and don’t over pay for my cover. Making sure I also get the right help and guidance so that I make the right choices. At Crosby Insurance Brokers, with our knowledge of businesses that work from home, we can make sure you get the right cover at the right price for a business owner working from home.

Find The Right Home Office Insurance For You

There are 4 things that you need to consider when buying Home Business Insurance.

  1. Liabilities – Your Home Office Insurance will cover liabilities whilst operating, these are to your customers, suppliers, people and places you visit and also people who may visit you at your home.This is called Public liability cover, which protects you for injuries and physical damage to property at your home and also if you visit someone, like a client.
  2. Contents & equipment – What we call material damage, protection for your stock, but also your tools and equipment, which may be a lap top or some other tool you may use in connection with your business, but essentially all your business contents kept at home. N.B. Standard Home Insurance policies specifically exclude business contents for loss or damage
  3. Financial cover – If you were unable to conduct your business from home, due to an insured peril, like a flood, burst pipe, storm, fire etc, your Home-Based Business Insurance policy would pay you for your lost income, either by paying for lost revenues or pay to have you located somewhere else. This is called increased cost of working or business interruption cover. If your business provides advice, to it’s customers then you could be sued for wrongful advice this is called Professional Indemnity cover and provides protection for any errors or omissions given verbally or in writing.
  4. Legal liabilities – Due to the litigation culture we have in the UK, it is essential to consider in buying legal production for your business. The basic cover provides protection against Tax Investigations and Employee disputes. But it can also include contract disputes, recovery of debts, and much more.
  5. Professional Indemnity Insurance – provides cover for errors & omissions given verbally or in writing to your client and they then act upon that advise and suffer a loss, you can be sued for damages
  6. Directors & Officers – covers your personal liability as a Director or Manager of your business.

As you can see there is a lot to consider when purchasing Home Business Insurance cover and you need sound advice and help.

Many of the Home Office Insurance policies we have can also include the rest of your home insurance contents and also the building itself. The cover is not just covering your Home-Based Business Insurance contents & liabilities but also the rest of your property. You may not want to add everything together onto your Home Business Insurance policy, but be aware that a standard home insurer will regard operating any business from home as a material fact and you you will need to inform them of your situation despite your home insurers not providing any protection for your business. They still need to be informed and be given the opportunity to either continue cover, decline cover or apply additional terms.

Home-Based Business Insurance

So let us provide you with some sound advice and start getting your business insurance in place, that protects you and your business so that you can start concentrating on getting your business moving forward. Let Crosby Insurance Brokers specialist Home Office Insurance advisors guide you through the maze so that you end up with the best deal for you.

Ring 0191 2130748 and speak to our Home-Based Business Insurance department who will look after you. Or you can complete the online quote form at the top of this page, it’s easy and takes less than a minute to complete and let us help you find the right cover, give you great service and let us look after you.

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