Taking risks is part of owning and operating a business. If your business depends on interacting with members of the public, you need to be protected with public liability insurance coverage. With an affordable policy from Crosby Insurance, you’re protected against personal injury claims, property damage and legal costs associated with claims should an accident occur. At Crosby Insurance, we tailor our public liability insurance policies to your company’s specific needs, so you never have to worry about being protected. Foregoing public liability insurance is failing to prepare for your future.  Don’t leave your business exposed, get your public liability quote today!

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Even with the best equipment, training and planning, accidents are unavoidable. In the event a member of the public is injured or killed on your business property, having public liability insurance can mean the difference between running a successful business and shuddering your company. When accidents do happen, Crosby Insurance will be by your side and protect your business.

Typical Areas of Exposure

Though personal injury is the most frequent claim, your company could also be at risk for types of claims you haven’t even considered. At Crosby Insurance, we’re prepared to get you the best coverage possible so you can run your business confidently.

Our public liability insurance policy covers you for:

  • Loss of/ damage to property
  • Obstruction, nuisance, trespass or interference with rights of way, air, light, water or others.
  • Wrongful detention, imprisonment, eviction, arrest, or invasion of the right to privacy.

A public liability policy can also be extended to cover unforeseeable events such as:

  • Health & Safety at work – legal defense costs
  • Motor contingent liability
  • Movement of obstructing vehicles
  • Leased, hired or rented premises
  • Cross liability
  • Car park and Cloakroom liability – i.e. where a car or personal belonging of a person are held in trust by you or in your custody or control
  • Data Protection Act – liabilities arising under the Data Protection Act to pay compensation for damages or distress
  • Consumer Protection Act – legal costs & expenses
  • Bona-fide – sub-contractors
  • Defective Premises Act
  • Product Liabilities
  • Much more…

Can excellent Public Liability insurance coverage be affordable and easy?

It’s obvious that a public liability policy from Crosby Insurance will help you protect your business in a number of possible scenarios. You’re probably wondering how such wide coverage will effect your bottom line. Quality public liability insurance doesn’t have to be expensive. We understand that researching dozens of policies is time consuming and frustrating. As a public liability insurance broker, we are able to provide instant online quotes from several insurers at once, so you know you’re always getting the best deal. No more endless internet searches, which means no more wasted time.

Don’t wait for a catastrophe to take action. Get in touch with our specialized brokers today for your instant quote and coverage options. It’s fast, easy and customized for you.

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