Manufacturing Business Insurance

As a manufacturer there is a lot you have to be responsible for- the safety of your employees, your machinery, the items you produce and the safe delivery of those items. Therefore it is important to have insurance in place that provides you with the protection you need as well as offering peace of mind to your clients and suppliers.

Different types of manufacturing insurance

There are various forms of cover available- what you have to get will largely depend on the type of manufacturing you do, the level of risk involved and your needs as a company. Below are some examples of the kind of cover you should be looking into to protect your business.

  • Equipment breakdown-  If your equipment breaks down then you could lose business. You need to be able to replace it as soon as possible and with the right cover this can be done quickly and with minimal damage to your company.
  • Property Protection–  Aside from what you produce it is worth remembering that you need computers, printers and other forms of equipment to keep this business going. Therefore this ought to be protected as well, the cost of insurance will mean you don’t have to worry about a big hit in the event of a fire, break in and so forth.
  • Business interruption–  This cover helps you in the event of an unforeseen disaster. For example if your factory is flooded then you will have to close the business. With a business interruption policy you can cover yourself against loss of profits, fixed costs and even the cost of temporarily relocating or any other additional expenses while your business is closed.
  • Financial insurance cover – In simple terms we can cover your business for lost income if could not trade due to an insured peril, but also power interruption, denial of access etc.
  • Public & Employers liability – This should be minimum level of cover for your business, the claims for injuries at work have risen dramatically during the last few years and despite your best efforts you may be subject to a claim by a member of the Public or someone who works for you. Either way these claims are especially complex and expensive to settle in time and money.

Choosing the right manufacturing insurance brokers

As you can see there is a lot to consider and it can seem a bit overwhelming at times. Of course some people can say “Why do I need manufacturing insurance brokers? Surely I can just look around myself online to get the cheapest deal?”

The problem with this approach is that the lowest cost deal is not always necessarily the right deal. What may seem like a bargain at first may not be if you find you aren’t able to make a claim or they refuse to pay out for a number of different reasons. It is important to check the type of broker you are with as well as looking at the cover and the price- make sure they can deliver on their promises!   

Why you should choose us

  • Expert advisers– We talk to you about your policy and specifically discuss what you need and what is best suited to you rather than trying to rope you in on a deal or upsell you.
  • Dependable insurance cover– You can be rest assured that the cover you get is designed for you. We don’t do “one size fits all” because we know that different businesses work in different ways and tailor the insurance accordingly.
  • Compare competitive premiums– We look at what the leading insurers are offering and look at what is the best deal we can do for you for the cover you need.

In short we are confident that we have the right kind of cover to suit you. If you would like to know more or would like to get an instant quote please contact us today!

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